Filing a Claim with a Scaffold Accident Attorney in Queens County, NY

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Lawyer

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In New York, construction companies must comply with all federal safety regulations. The laws require the construction company to mitigate all risks associated with their work sites all throughout their projects. A scaffold accident attorney in Queens County, NY assists workers who were injured due to the failures of their employers.

What Does the Scaffolding Law Indicate?

The law requires all construction companies to provide adequate safety equipment for their workers. The equipment includes scaffolding, hoists, and other apparatuses to keep the workers from falling. Any failure to comply with the law deems the construction company liable for any injuries that occur.

What Happens After an Accident Occurs?

The accident is investigated by OSHA promptly. The federal agency determines if the construction company followed all laws. Any indications of violations of federal safety laws will lead to fines and penalties for the company. The event leads to legal action by the injured workers and their families.

Do the Injuries Qualify for Workers’ Compensation?

If the construction company failed the worker, the worker receives full medical payments for their medical treatment. The worker also receives monetary benefits throughout their entire recovery period. The benefits equate to around eighty percent of the worker’s wages.

Can Families File Wrongful Death Lawsuits?

Yes, if it is determined that the worker’s death was avoidable, their family has the legal right to see an award through a wrongful death lawsuit. The lawsuit provides the full financial losses incurred by the family. The losses include medical and funeral costs. The family also receives funds based on tort-based rulings such as loss of companionship or financial support. Orphaned children could receive a larger award, which could include lifetime earnings for the worker.

In New York, construction companies must follow safety regulations and the scaffolding law. Failure to follow the laws and regulations leads to injured workers. After an accident, OSHA conducts an investigation to determine if the construction company violated the law. The findings determine if the employer is liable for the accident and the worker’s injuries. Workers who need legal assistance can contact a scaffold accident attorney in Queens County, NY at the Law Office of Steven R. Smith or visit online now.