Establishing Liability and Seeking Compensation After Construction Accidents in Ottawa County

by | May 10, 2018 | Lawyer

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Many construction workers are not covered by workers compensation because they are contractors instead of employees. If these workers are injured on the job, they are left trying to figure out who is liable for their medical expenses and lost wages. Lawyers who represent clients injured in Construction Accidents in Ottawa County determine which party is responsible and then work to negotiate financial compensation.

An Initial Step

An initial step is to approach the responsible party and the insurance company. The property owner or the manufacturer of the equipment might be legally liable, for example. Often, the construction company is liable even though the workers are not employees. They may not have enforced safety regulations.

The Burden of Proof

The burden of proof is on the plaintiff after Construction Accidents in Ottawa County. The lawyer will work to establish fault by gathering evidence and conducting interviews. Expert witnesses may be called in to reconstruct the accident scene.

Claim Disputes

If the responsible party or the insurer disputes the claim, the lawyer must also establish why the client was not to blame. Insurance companies have their own legal teams that may fight these types of claims and attempt to show that the worker was careless or negligent. That can happen even though businesses involved in construction activity typically carry substantial liability insurance.

Common Types of Accidents

Falling from a height is the most common kind of construction accident. Sometimes the worker was not provided with the right protective gear. The construction company then may be liable. Sometimes the equipment, such as scaffolding or a crane, collapses. That may be the fault of the manufacturing company if the equipment is found to be defective. Accident lawyers keep up with the latest news about incidents at construction sites, and they see an alarming number of stories about rebar collapses. Rebar is the metal structure that is built to support concrete installed over it.

Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations, and the fact that so many injured individuals are not covered by workers compensation is an ongoing problem. The workers can be represented by attorneys with organizations such as Bleakley Law Offices P C.