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DUI Lawyers in Charleston SC Routinely Help Their Clients Escape Conviction

It is never wise to drive while under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Charleston SC laws reflect a dim view of such behaviors, with harsh penalties awaiting even first-time offenders, in many cases.

Even so, there are also times when an innocent person will end up being accused of the crime of Driving Under the Influence, or DUI. Fortunately, DUI lawyers in Charleston SC have ways of ensuring that such clients will not end up suffering unjustified consequences thereafter.

Many Possible Ways to Prove Innocence in DUI Cases

Some drivers who find themselves facing DUI charges adopt a fatalistic attitude almost by default. That leads many to do little or nothing to attempt to establish their innocence, even when no wrongdoing actually occurred.

It will almost always be better in such cases to get in touch with an attorney instead. DUI lawyers in Charleston SC are consistently able to convince judges and juries that their clients should not have been charged with the crime. Some of the defenses that are most often used with success relate to matters such as:

  • Probable Cause: A police officer must always have a reason to stop a driver, and lacking one will normally be grounds for the dismissal of any charges that result from the interaction. In quite a few cases each year, the courts end up deciding that police officers were negligent about establishing probable cause before pulling over drivers they later determined to be under the influence. Establishing that in court can easily be all that it takes to secure the freedom of a driver.
  • Subjective Judgments: Many DUI cases hinge on inherently subjective assessments made at the scene by police officers. While the courts will normally defer, to some extent, to the judgment of law enforcement professionals, lawyers are often able to point out reasons why this latitude should be withheld in particular cases. Once again, simply doing so can be enough to have charges dropped or a verdict of innocence returned.

Seeking Out Help Matters the Most

Check out website and it will become clear that there are quite a few other common ways for attorneys to help their clients prevail in DUI cases. Simply getting in touch with an attorney will normally reveal whether charges might be worth fighting.