Domestic Violence Lawyers in New Ulm, MN Can Help Victims Regain Control

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Domestic violence is abusive conduct between people who are living together, married or dating. DV can be a single instance of abuse, but it typically refers to a pattern occurring over time. Recurring abuse is particularly damaging, as it can cause emotional and physical harm over the years.

What Types of Conduct Are Considered Domestic Violence?

Multiple behaviors can be considered DV under family and criminal law definitions. Most cases involve physical violence between spouses, but they can involve conduct such as:

  • Mental or emotional abuse
  • Verbal abuse such as degrading and intimidating language, or threats of harm
  • Economic abuse such as failure to provide necessities like shelter, clothing or food

Many DV cases involve more than one type of conduct, especially if abuse is ongoing. Much of the time the abuse goes unreported because the victim is afraid of retaliation, and help from lawyers in New Ulm, MN is required.

The Legal Consequences of Spousal Abuse

The fastest remedy in a DV case is an injunction. This court order instructs the offender to stay a set distance away from the victim, and it can be made permanent in extreme cases. A person guilty of domestic abuse can face a variety of legal consequences such as:

  • Criminal charges. Many cases involve other crimes such as assault, and some jurisdictions consider violence committed upon women by men to be a felony.
  • Civil litigation. A DV victim can file a civil claim for damages. The offender may be forced to pay expenses such as counseling and medical fees, attorney’s fees and damages for pain and suffering.

Spousal abuse and DV can have other negative effects such as divorce, loss of child visitation and custody, or the loss of driving privileges. The legal ramifications of DV vary according to state law, and judges have discretion when ordering penalties.

How an Attorney Can Help with Domestic Violence Cases

If a person is a victim of domestic violence, they should call the police and then visit for legal help. Lawyers in New Ulm, MN can determine whether legal action is required, and they can represent victims in court. In some DV cases, a lawyer may be necessary, especially if criminal charges are to be filed.

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