Divorce Attorney in Hillsboro, MO for the Complex Cases of Meditation and Divorce Litigation

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Lawyer

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A Divorce Attorney in Hillsboro MO provides counsel for those dealing with difficult family matters. Divorce, child custody, the division of assets, and alimony are arrangements that can really change the lives of the people they concern. These issues are passionately contested for so many families. Guidance by a legal professional is an effective way to resolve family legal affairs.

Divorce Proceedings

The dissolution of a marriage begins by filing a petition. The spouse filing the petition needs to make sure the pleadings are served on the other spouse. Some divorcing couples need temporary orders. This is a temporary ruling that tells how family finances and other domestic matters are dealt with during divorce proceedings.

To prepare for the first hearing, a financial statement, tax returns, and wage statements must be ready. A pre-trial hearing is scheduled where all relevant divorce stipulations are discussed. The divorce doesn’t go to trial if both parties accept the stipulations.

When separated couples can’t agree on the stipulations of divorce, the issues are resolved in mediation or trial. Divorce mediation uses the services of attorneys to negotiate the major terms of a divorce. There are two attorneys involved who help the clients they serve to reach a middle ground. Successful negotiation means time and money is saved and there is no trial.

Divorce litigation is a legal proceeding that is only necessary when major terms of the divorce are contested. An experienced trial Divorce Attorney in Hillsboro MO should lead these cases.

Divorce Modifications

More often than not, custody and support arrangements need to be amended sometime after the final orders are set in motion. Valid reasons for making modifications to alimony are changes in income, a new marriage, or new children.

Child support and custody arrangements may also be modified when the obliger’s financial situation changes. If it is found the noncustodial parent is in a position to better provide for children later, that parent may be awarded primary custody. In many cases, a judge chooses joint custody for the sake of stable child/parent relationships.

It’s pretty easy to get the approval of a judge for divorce modifications when there is a legitimate reason and both parties agree. If the other does not agree, a motion to request change is filed. There is a complicated process in motion to change, and legal counsel is advised. For more details, Visit the website.