Details To Discuss with A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Granite City, IL

by | Oct 14, 2019 | Lawyers

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In Illinois, worker’s compensation insurance covers medical expenses and wage replacement for injured workers. All employers must purchase and maintain the policies if they hire more than one worker. A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Granite City IL helps workers who were injured on the job and denied access to coverage.

The Claim’s Process

All injured workers receive worker’s compensation forms from human resources. The workers go to the emergency room or an urgent care facility for treatment. A medical doctor completes the injury form and medical report and sends it to the insurer within ten days. A claim’s adjuster makes a determination and sends a letter to the worker and the employer.

What is Available to Injured Workers?

If the injured worker is approved, all medical expenses related to their injuries are paid through the insurance policy. Workers who cannot return to work immediately receive monetary benefits to replace their wages. The benefits range up to 90% of their wages.

When are Legal Claims Needed?

Eligible workers who were denied coverage have the right to file a legal claim against the insurer and their employer. Documentations for their injuries, surveillance footage of their accident, and eyewitness testimony support the worker’s claim. Attorneys review the original claim and all steps related to the process when determining if a claim is viable.

What Loopholes Do Insurers Use?

Workers who don’t wear appropriate work attire or footwear could be held accountable for their injuries through loopholes. The strategies are used to lower financial losses for the employer and minimize insurance premium costs. Some employers change their safety policies after an accident to mitigate liabilities. The unethical action could present legally actionable circumstances for the worker.

In Illinois, worker’s compensation laws protect injured workers from unethical employers and insurers. Claims help workers collect compensation for medical expenses and lost wages. Employers must follow the exact protocol for submitting an accident claim through their insurer. If the worker is denied, the worker has the right to file a legal claim. Injured workers who need legal assistance contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Granite City IL through Becker Schroader & Chapman PC or visit the website right now.