Detailing Case Requirements With A Bus Accidents Attorney

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Accident Attorneys

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In Hawaii, the public bus services are required to follow careful strategies to prevent accidents. These buses are regulated by state or federal laws that apply to the specific type of bus and how it services the public. For these reasons, a transit authority or elected official must maintain these buses according to these regulations. The following are details about care requirements to discuss with a Bus Accidents Attorney.

The Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations that applies to these cases defines a one-year limit to file claims. Any claimant who was injured by utilizing public transportation must submit a claim before the first anniversary of the accident. Any failure to fulfill this requirement prevents them from acquiring any compensation for their injuries. This forfeiture of rights prevents the claimant from attempting any legal action in the future.

Identifying the Exact Defendant

The identity of the exact defendant isn’t always clear at a first glance. The attorney will need to research the chain of command that oversees the operations of these methods of public transport. The individual who is liable could be a manager, transit authority, or an elected official. The attorney must ensure that the defendant identified in the claim is the party who is directly responsible for these vehicles.

Securing Ample Evidence

Evidence for a bus accident includes the victim’s medical records, the accident report, and any documentation sent to the victim about the accident. The attorney must acquire ample evidence to prevent a dismissal of the claim. It must leave no room for error.

Depositions for Other Witnesses

The attorney will conduct depositions for all witnesses who saw the accident. These parties may include other passengers who were also involved in the accident. The attorney may also collect more testimony for additional victims and start a class-action claim.

In Hawaii, public transport services must adhere to state and federal regulations. These regulations are in place to lower the odds of an accident with injuries. They also address certain requirements associated with the drivers who operate the vehicles. Victims of these events contact a Bus Accidents Attorney by visiting today.

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