Criminal Law Attorneys In Singapore Can Assist In A Criminal Situation

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Attorney

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Criminal charges can affect every aspect of someone’s life if they’re found guilty. Criminal Law Attorneys in Singapore should be hired to assist an accused individual of their legal right. Protecting someone’s right is a crucial part of an attorney’s job. There are a variety of guidelines that must be met before finding someone guilty of a crime. When an accused individual reviews the circumstances with an attorney during a free consultation, it will give them a better perspective of the options available.

In some situations, an attorney may recommend that the accused party agree to a plea deal. In other cases, Criminal Law Attorneys in Singapore could recommend taking the case to trial. Aggressive representation could be for any of the following crimes:

• Misdemeanors
• Domestic violence
• Assault
• Drug charges
• Theft

In almost all domestic violence calls, the police will usually arrest one party before leaving. A conviction of a domestic violence charge can affect visitation with their children, immigration status and even security clearances for jobs. Unfortunately, evidence in a domestic violence charge is usually limited. The party that was arrested will have to defend themselves with limited resources of evidence.

Domestic violence can ruin the opportunity for owning or possessing a gun. The experience of a criminal law attorney can help to limit the implications of receiving a guilty charge. Felonies are the worst level of crime someone can be charged with. Felonies usually carry jail time. Robbery with a weapon becomes a very offense. This includes even if no one is present inside of the structure at the time it’s broken into. One area of defense for someone charged with robbery is for the victim to identify the accused party.

Bishop Law has years of experience defending clients with misdemeanors and felonies. Hiring an experienced attorney can turn a future of jail time into a more promising life. She will give the client all of the options to make a legally informed decision to resolve the case. Don’t settle for less than Criminal Law Attorneys in Singapore to have a better outcome to a criminal case.

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