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Consulting with an Accident Attorney near WI When an Insurer Won’t Cooperate

When one driver causes a serious vehicle accident, that individual’s automotive insurer is responsible for paying medical bills and lost wages for anyone who was injured. Sometimes, however, the insurance company refuses to pay or only offers a low settlement amount. If dealing directly with insurance adjusters does not yield positive results, an injured person may need to hire an accident attorney near WI.

Possible Reasons for Denial

The insurance adjusters may argue that their policyholder was not completely responsible for the collision. They may, instead, blame weather or road conditions. They may even target the injured person, saying there is evidence that this driver was at least partially responsible. That driver may have been traveling faster than the posted speed limit, for example.

Motivation to Settle

Insurance companies tend to respond more favorably once an accident attorney near WI gets involved. The adjusters realize that, when a lawyer accepts this type of case, the possibility of a lawsuit is real. Insurers would much rather settle with a claimant than spend money going to court. In addition, they understand the risk of having to pay out more than the claimant had originally requested, as a jury may award a higher amount.

Concluding Thoughts

Trying to deal with an at-fault driver’s insurance company can become exhausting. Injured persons can schedule a complimentary consultation with an accident attorney so they can ask questions and find out whether or not they have a good case. Initial consultations are provided at no charge by QBS Law S.C.

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