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Consult with Criminal Defense Law Firms in Kutztown, PA for Information About Legal Rights

Facing criminal charges is confusing for most people. Usually, they just want to get their trial over with and move on with their lives. Unfortunately, that may prove to be more difficult that it seems. The ins and outs of the American legal system can be very confusing, and most people aren’t aware of their rights. This is why so many defendants plead guilty to charges, even when they didn’t commit the crime. If criminal charges have been filed against you, it’s time to consult with criminal defense law firms in Kutztown, PA to learn about your legal rights.

When someone is arrested, they have certain rights. They have the right to remain silent, which means that they don’t have to say anything that might incriminate them or prove their guilt. They have the right to an attorney, and if they can’t afford one, a sponsored attorney will be provided. They also have the right to a fair and speedy trial, and intentionally dragging the case on is a violation of the defendant’s constitutional rights. Most importantly, they have the right to be declared innocent if there is even a shadow of doubt of their guilt. This means that the burden of proof lies on the prosecuting attorney. These and other rights can be used to help defendants avoid jail time and move on with their life as quickly as possible.

Although these rights are spoken to the defendant when they are first arrested, they might not be understood. With the help of criminal defense law firms in Kutztown, PA, defendants can learn what each of their rights mean, and how to use them to their fullest advantage. Someone who is facing criminal charges can visit their local attorney’s website and learn about some of their rights. For more detailed information, a consultation is recommended.

No one should go to court unprepared. A lack of understanding of legal rights is definitely a disadvantage in court. In fact, defendants who arrive in court without a lawyer may find themselves in a very difficult situation, since most judges see it as disrespectful to the court and to the American justice system. The very first thing you should do when facing criminal charges is contact The Law Offices of Paul S. Missan to schedule a consultation and learn about your legal rights and how they apply in court.