Claims Are Easier with a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Nassau County, NY

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Lawyer

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When workers are injured on the job, workers’ compensation insurance protects them. This insurance program offers wage replacement and medical coverage until the worker recovers and is able to return to work. Those workers who are injured need to learn all they can about their rights and why they might need to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer in Nassau County, NY.

Understanding the Workers’ Compensation Laws in New York

It is imperative injured workers fully understand the laws that govern workers’ compensation claims in the state. When a worker is first injured, it is imperative they inform their employer within thirty days of their injury or the date they discovered their injury. Waiting beyond the thirty-day period would prevent an injured worker from being able to file their claim.

Injured workers can see their own doctor and retain their ability to choose medical providers throughout the workers’ compensation benefit period. There is a seven-day waiting period for an injured worker to wait for benefits, and benefits become retroactive after fourteen days.

What Happens When Disputes Arise?

Unfortunately, not all workers’ compensation claims are approved by the insurance company. If the claim is denied, the worker has the right to request a hearing before the workers’ compensation law judge who will make the final determination on whether or not the injured worker will receive benefits.

At the hearing, the injured worker and the Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Nassau County NY will be able to present evidence to back up the injury claim. Although it is not required, most individuals feel more confident having a lawyer representing them in the hearing. A lawyer will have the investigative skills needed to help their client gather evidence to be used in the hearing.

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