How Does the Car Accident Settlement Process Work

by | Aug 18, 2017 | Personal Injury Lawyer

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Medical providers are able to receive payment for costs incurred by individuals who are injured in an accident and covered by personal injury protection insurance. However, before these payments can be made, the insurance company will need to determine the settlement amount. A personal injury protection insurance attorney in Miami can help you understand how this process works.

The Investigation

The first step in determining the validity of a claim or how much should be paid toward it is the investigation. The insurance company must go over the documentation to determine whether the injuries treated are a direct result of the accident. In some cases, aggravated injuries may not qualify for payments or may be denied. However, if you feel you are owed money for services rendered, you can use a personal injury protection insurance attorney in Miami to help you prove your case and show the appropriate documentation.

Expert Consultation

It isn’t unusual for an insurance company to consult with experts to help them make a determination on the case. When it comes to paying for injuries that have been incurred during an accident, it can be difficult to differentiate between injuries solely caused by the accident and those that have simply been aggravated by it. In some situations, the treatments may not qualify for personal injury protection payments. An expert can help make this determination.

Make an Offer

Once the insurance company decides on a settlement, they will make an offer. With personal injury protection cases, this must be done within 30 days. However, when these claims aren’t paid as they should be, it may become necessary to work with a personal injury protection insurance attorney in Miami to get the payment you are entitled to.