Building A Better Claim With A Disability Denial Attorney In Temecula, CA

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Lawyers

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In California, disabled individuals receive social security disability on a monthly basis. The application process to receive the benefits requires them to submit an application with medical records. However, the Social Security Administration often denies the applications. A Disability Denial Attorney in Temecula CA helps claimants who were denied benefits.

Why was the Claim Denied?

The Social Security Administration provides an exact reason for the denial of disability benefits. Claims that didn’t possess enough medical evidence require more comprehensive medical records. A denial for a non-qualifying condition is often based on the SSA doctor’s assessment. The exact reason for the denial determines if the claimant has a chance through an appeal.

Appeals and Reconsiderations

An appeal involves a hearing in which the Social Security Disability Board determines if the claim is viable. A reconsideration pushes the SSA to review the claim again and determine if the condition meets eligibility requirements. The proceedings increase the chances of an approval but aren’t guaranteed.

Building a More Comprehensive Claim

Medical records from doctors treating the claimant for the condition are more conclusive. The detailed information shows the agency how the condition affects the claimant and why they can’t work. A legal claim helps claimants introduce new evidence and allows a judge to make a decision instead of a caseworker. Judges review claims based on eligibility, and the SSA often uses loopholes to deny disability claims.

What Awards are Possible Through a Legal Claim?

The claimant receives back-pay if they win their case. The back-pay equates to the benefits the claimant would have received starting on the date they were diagnosed. Claimants receive a larger value through a legal claim than they would have if they filed through the SSA. The back-pay through a standard claim starts on the date the application was filed.

In California, disabled individuals receive monthly disability benefits to help them support themselves financially. The benefits are based on a federal standard plus an added payment by the state. The individuals apply for benefits when they are unable to work. Disabled individuals who were denied the benefits contact a Disability Denial Attorney in Temecula CA or visit for more details now.