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Bail Bonding in Hurst, TX Helps Disadvantaged Men and Women Secure Pretrial Release From Jail

Research indicates that the cash bail system has the most negative effects on low-income and working-class individuals, people of color, and women. These are the defendants who most likely cannot afford to pay bail and have to stay behind bars until the case is resolved, which sometimes takes months. An alternative to cash bail in some states is the bail bond. Defendants have the option to apply for Bail Bonding in Hurst TX and secure their release for only a percentage of the full bail amount.

Public Defenders and Private Lawyers

These defendants already are at a disadvantage because they are the least likely to be able to afford a private defense attorney. They must rely on overworked public defenders who are forced to handle far too many cases. In some jurisdictions, there simply is no way for a public defender to take on more cases. The public defender’s office must search for a private lawyer willing to accept cases without pay, or pro bono. This search can take weeks.

Relevant Statistics

Critics of the system cite statistics showing that more than 90 percent of criminal cases that end in conviction do so through a plea bargain. The possibility that a defendant is innocent no longer seems to matter, and the concept of a fair trial is increasingly ignored.

Sometimes, innocent defendants choose this offer because they feel compelled to be released from jail. If they live in a state without bail bonds, this may be their only option. Bail Bonding in Hurst TX plays a role in preventing an innocent person from pleading guilty in an effort to be released from jail faster.

Concluding Thoughts

One only has to walk through the courtroom area of a courthouse and look at the court’s schedule to understand how this works. A judge’s day may be filled with 30-minute appointments for approving or denying plea bargains negotiated between the prosecution and the defense. Men and women who prefer to wait and see if their lawyer might be able to persuade a judge to dismiss a case may receive help from a Bondsman such as Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds.