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Avoid Mistakes by Hiring a Workplace Injury Lawyer in Medford MA

Filing for benefits after a workplace injury is a daunting and confusing process, even with the help of a Workplace Injury Lawyer in Medford MA. With investigators, adjusters, insurance companies, and attorneys all asking for details, it’s difficult for workers to know what they should and shouldn’t do. However, the following mistakes are to be avoided in all cases.

Not Reporting the Incident

The most crucial thing for a victim to do after an on-the-job injury is to report it to their employer right away. Many insurance companies and employers tell injured workers that they can’t file claims because they weren’t notified within a certain time, usually 90 days. Failure to notify the employer within the allotted time may result in a loss of worker’s compensation benefits.

Failure to Provide a Full Medical History

When workers fail to tell doctors how and where they were hurt, they don’t just harm themselves physically, but legally. Upon reporting a workplace injury to a doctor, the victim must be detailed and clear when discussing the circumstances behind the injury. If the case progresses to the administrative hearing level, medical records are a compelling piece of evidence.

Not Obeying a Physician’s Orders

If a person is injured on the job, their employer or worker’s comp insurer typically has the right to choose their doctor. It’s important to follow the treating physician’s recommendations on follow-up care and therapy. If the injured worker doesn’t keep appointments, they may jeopardize their benefits, as the insurance company may suspend them for non-compliance.

Not Returning to Work at the Right Time

Most employers, upon request, will give an injured worker light duty. Either the insurance adjuster or the employer may require the victim to go back to work at that time. Before going back to work, the victim should know what they will be doing. Request a job description ahead of time and submit it to the physician for approval. If the doctor believes the victim can perform the duties in the description, they can go back to work.

Not Hiring an Attorney

Immediately after an on-the-job accident, a victim is thrust into an adversarial system. The insurance company and its team is working to minimize the payout by any means necessary. By hiring a Workplace Injury Lawyer in Medford MA, an injured employee puts themselves on an equal footing. Click here for more details or call today to request a consultation. You can also visit them on Facebook.