An Accident Lawyer in Bowie Represents Clients When Symptoms of an Injury Are Delayed

by | Aug 2, 2019 | Lawyer

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Sometimes back pain after a slip-and-fall accident does not occur immediately. It might be a week or longer before the person starts experiencing acute discomfort. At that point, the owner of the property on which the incident happened may dispute the connection between the accident and the new development of back pain. An Accident Lawyer in Bowie may be necessary to make sure the individual’s expenses are compensated.

Proving Negligence

An Accident Lawyer in Bowie must prove that the incident happened because of the property owner’s negligence at a place where people expect to be safe. A common example would be an icy sidewalk or stairway at a commercial property that nobody with the company did anything about. There also must be proof that the incident occurred as the injured person says it did. In a case like this, that might mean reviewing surveillance footage and interviewing witnesses.

Medical Reports

A medical report from a physician is necessary to establish that the injury this person suffered is consistent with what happens when someone slips and falls on icy pavement. X-rays and another diagnostic testing may be necessary to confirm of what the doctor believes happened. The tests and physician’s notes are then provided to the party that should be liable, typically the owner of the property or the business insurer.

Lost Wages

Back pain in these circumstances can become debilitating. The injury may be aggravated by the work the person does. Being on one’s feet all day can be a problem, but so can sitting all day. The individual may shift posture to an unnatural position, making the issue even worse. Taking off work may be a problem since the lost wages would not be covered by workers’ compensation in a non-work injury. The employee would have to use sick days, personal days, or vacation time to keep generating income.

Free Consultations

Once an attorney with an organization such as Jaklitsch Law Group decides the person has a good case and accepts this individual as a client, the lawyer will fight hard for reasonable compensation. Free consultations are available at the person’s convenience.