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An Accident Attorney in Mobile, AL Helps Clients Get a Fair Settlement

Auto insurance is a determining factor in victims’ compensations for auto accidents. The other driver’s insurance policy or the company itself may limit recovery, and some victims recover nothing because the at-fault driver is uninsured. Visit the website to learn more about how insurance affects car accident settlements.

Standard Auto Insurance

Standard auto insurance covers drivers and authorized users of vehicles, protecting them in the event of an accident. In most areas, drivers are required to have a minimum amount of insurance when operating a motor vehicle. If a driver has only the minimum amount required by the state and they are found at fault for an accident, the other driver may have to pursue them for the remainder of the damages suffered.

Under or Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If the other person’s insurance policy does not cover all damages, the victim and their accident attorney in Mobile, AL may not be able to obtain full compensation. Most insurers will not accept a claim if it is for more than the policy’s coverage limit. In these cases, victims are forced to seek the remainder of their damages in civil court. If an at-fault driver has no insurance, most victims seek damages from their own insurer through uninsured motorist coverage. Some choose to sue the other driver, but those who can’t afford insurance usually cannot afford to pay a settlement.

Insurers and Reduced Payouts

Another common situation occurs when an insurance adjuster refuses to pay the full amount on a claim. To resolve the dispute, the victim and the attorney must prove why they are entitled to a certain amount. Most insurance companies’ adjusters are more accommodating if a lawyer assists the victim during negotiations, but legal representation isn’t a guarantee of a specific settlement.

Call an Auto Accident Attorney

If one needs help filing or negotiating an insurance claim after an automobile accident, they should consult a personal injury or accident attorney in Mobile, AL. A lawyer can help the client gather the evidence needed to support an insurance claim, and they can find alternatives if an insurance adjuster’s offer is unreasonable.