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Accidents Involving Large Trucks Can Be Catastrophic

Compared to standard passenger vehicles, loaded 18 wheelers are huge, they are heavy and when they are in an accident with a passenger car or other light vehicle the results can be catastrophic. Just the sheer magnitude of the aftermath can make it extremely difficult to piece together the history of the accident; this may very well result in difficulties when trying to get compensation under the law. This is exactly why it is necessary to hire a Chicago truck accident attorney, a legal professional that knows the laws that pertain to accidents of this nature.

You have to prove your case:

In the majority of personal injury cases, including those involving large trucks, the obvious theory of liability is negligence. This being the case the individual involved must show that:

  • The defendant did not exercise reasonable care to avoid the accident

  • The failure to exercise reasonable care resulted in injuries and property damage


In an accident involving two passenger cars it is easy to identify the defendant, he or she is the driver of the vehicle that was at fault. This is not so cut and dried when it comes to an accident involving a truck; there are numerous potential defendants, not only the driver. Trucking companies, various contractors and employers are often brought into the case.

If the truck driver was an employee of the trucking firm or shipping company the company may be liable for the negligence of their driver.

There are also times when the manufacturer or shipper of hazardous materials which were on the truck may be held liable; this can be the case when the dangers of the materials being carried were not divulged to the trucking company and the driver.

If you have been involved in an accident with a “big rig” there is no doubt that you will need to hire a skilled attorney to pursue a case for damages.

Accidents involving a large truck can be very complex and to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve you will need to hire a Chicago truck accident attorney. You are invited to discuss the details of the accident with the attorneys at Shea Law Group. Like us on facebook.