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A Restraining Order Lawyer in Oceanside, CA Helps Stop Intimidating Behavior

A restraining order helps a victim of violence or a possible victim regain peace of mind and a bigger sense of security. The purpose of a restraining order is to protect one person from another who has been threatening harm to them. This includes stalking or other types of harassment. A Restraining order lawyer in Oceanside, CA provides representation when the court is hesitant to issue this order.

Typical Behavior Restrictions

In California, this type of order typically prohibits the individual from coming within 100 yards of the other person’s home or workplace. Additional constraints on behavior may be included. A common example is a “no contact” stipulation, meaning no phone calls, texts, or emails. If this person violates the order, an arrest warrant is issued and the individual is taken into custody.

Types of Intimidating Behavior

Often, a restraining order lawyer in Oceanside, CA protects a spouse or domestic partner of someone who has been abusive. The two have split up but the abusive individual continues to come over and harass the partner. There may be intimidating behavior or threats of physical violence. Standing in the yard and yelling, repeatedly pounding on a locked door, and sitting in front of the building in a vehicle may all be considered harassment.

Domestic Violence

It is especially likely that a judge will issue the order if there has been a documented history of domestic violence in the case. The person accused of this behavior may protest the restraining order with their own lawyer. These orders are not particularly easy to obtain, and they are also not easy to have removed. A judge typically demands a very good reason to issue this type of protective order, and the other person may have a difficult time proving why the judgment was unreasonable.

An organization such as the Law Office of Cynthia Ann Harris wants to help those who are dealing with intimidation, threats, harassment, or violent behavior. A restraining order can give this person and everyone in the household the opportunity to have a more stable living environment without continuous anxiety about what might occur next. Contact us at our website to get started.