A Personal Injury Attorney in Beaver Dam, WI Helps Clients Obtain Compensation for Emotional Trauma

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Lawyer

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An insurance company may be willing to pay a claimant’s medical bills and lost wages, but what if the person has suffered serious emotional trauma because of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence? A personal injury attorney in Beaver Dam, WI will evaluate the situation during a free consultation and tell the individual whether they have a good case and deserve additional financial compensation.

Examples of Incidents

Many types of incidents cause mental health issues that may be classified as psychological traumatic stress, with symptoms that reduce quality of life. An attack by a vicious dog, an automobile accident, or a fall down a flight of stairs can leave the victims feeling highly anxious and prone to panic attacks. Some may become fearful around dogs and start avoiding any location where those animals are present. Others may become anxious whenever traveling by car is required.

The Insurer Point of View

Insurance companies generally start by assuming that a claim of emotional injury is exaggerated or even completely fake. It’s not as easy to verify as a physical injury like a broken leg or a concussion. Adjusters and other representatives have, unfortunately, learned to be skeptical because of situations in which claimants did lie about the extent of harm they suffered.

Providing Evidence

A personal injury attorney in Beaver Dam, WI must provide solid evidence to the insurer that this type of mental anguish has occurred. Evidence might include a statement from a mental health counselor the person has been seeing or an evaluation by a psychiatrist. Testimony might be provided by witnesses the insurance adjusters are likely to believe, such as work colleagues and supervisors who have noticed a marked change in behavior, attitude, and personality.

Nearly everyone experiences some level of emotional distress after an accident that causes a physical injury. Attorneys with an organization like QBS Law S.C. have the task of proving to the insurer that the distress reaches the level of trauma and has had a significant negative result on the person’s well-being. Financial compensation for the ongoing anxiety, depression, and any other symptoms should be provided. You can also visit them on Facebook.