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A Domestic Relation Attorney in Orangevale CA Offers Counsel on California Family Law

Under the best of circumstances, families will still have a breakdown in the family structure. Sometimes the issues can be resolved with a mediator. Sometimes there must be a trial separation. Other times, the worst happens, and the family ends up in divorce court. In any case, if any domestic issues arise in a given family, the family members should seek the counsel of an attorney experienced in domestic relations. There is a Domestic Relation Attorney in Orangevale CA who advises clients on all areas relating to family law. These are some of the laws California citizens should be aware of.

If at all possible, family members should make the best effort to get along peacefully with one another. However, the reality is that some families just don’t work out. Domestic issues occur, and the parties involved in a domestic situation should understand what their obligations and rights are in California. A couple of laws that should be immediately understood are related to domestic violence and divorce. Abuse in a family situation ranges from physically harming someone in the family to communicating verbal threats to even bringing harm on the family pet.

In cases of the potential for serious physical violence, the victim should have a restraining order implemented. The restraining order will relieve the abuser of his or her firearms and restrict him or her from purchasing any more firearms until the restraining order has been lifted. In the case where divorce seems like it is going to be the option, the individual in California will want to find out if he or she qualifies for summary dissolution first. This is a much simpler process.

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