A Custody and Guardianship Lawyer in Temecula can Help At-Home Moms Win Custody

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Lawyer

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Stay-at-home moms have many reasons to retain custody of the children in the event of divorce. Because a woman staying home to care for the children does not make a financial contribution to the household, it is difficult for her to get custody based on her financials. At-home parents have a very hard job, which can be made even harder during divorce. Below are some mistakes for stay-at-home moms to avoid during custody cases.

Withholding Visitation From the Father

Withholding visitation from the other parent can be a huge mistake. In some instances, the at-home mother may fear that allowing the father to take the kids for a little while may result in a failure to return. When a mother feels this way, she may withhold visitation, which puts her at a disadvantage in court. Instead of taking things into her own hands, the mother should consult a local divorce lawyer with the Law Office of Michelle Penna for advice.

Unless the children are being abused, they should be allowed to see the other parent. In most instances, when a mom is afraid that the father won’t bring the children back at the end of the visitation period, the best thing to do is to hire a custody and Guardianship Lawyer in Temecula and file for child support and custody. The best defense is a good offense, and in a child custody case, this means going to court without delay.

Staying Out of Work

To win custody, a stay-at-home mom should find employment. Staying out of the work force will not demonstrate to the family court judge that the at-home parent is ready for the financial responsibility of caring for the children. If a mother is reliant on child support to meet the household’s financial needs, it can make the other spouse’s custody case stronger. By working to make a financial contribution, the court will see how much the at-home mom values custody.

Getting Legal Assistance

Even if a parent has everything it takes to win custody, they should still hire a family attorney during the case. Consulting a legal pro and getting specialized help is important for an at-home mom who needs to protect her rights. While cases can occasionally be resolved without litigation, in most instances it is beneficial for a parent to visit the website and hire a custody and Guardianship Lawyer in Temecula.