A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Beaver Dam, WI Tells Clients Things They Should Know

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Lawyer

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Should a person ever be in need of a criminal defense attorney, he or she will want to ensure that they secure a law firm that has experience dealing with the type of crime he or she has been charged with. There are many reasons why a person might need a criminal defense lawyer. One of the most common reasons that people need a lawyer for criminal defense is when they have been charged with a DUI or OWI. There is a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI who helps clients accused of various crimes.

Most crimes that are committed are handled at the state level, thus it behooves the defendant to be familiar with the laws of Wisconsin. It is the job of the criminal defense attorney to be abreast of all these laws. He or she will help the defendant understand the charges being brought up. One example is when the defendant is arrested for OWI, which is operating a vehicle while intoxicated. The blood alcohol content level is .08 percent. In Wisconsin, the defendant will probably also get a second citation called the Prohibited Alcohol Concentration (PAC).

Another incident which can get a person in trouble is known as involuntary manslaughter. The defendant didn’t intend to kill the person, but through negligence or carelessness of some kind, it happened. Even though, this is not murder, it can still carry some serious consequences for the defendant. Depending on how the case is handled, it could easily turn into a homicide, and could turn into a felony where the defendant could get 40 years in prison. To get the best possible outcome, the defendant needs good counsel.

QBS Law has been providing criminal defense solutions for clients in the Beaver Dam, Wisconsin area for the past 114 years. In addition to criminal defense law, the lawyers also deal with personal injury cases, workers’ compensation cases, social security disability cases, estate planning, real estate law, elder law, and civil litigation. If any person has committed a crime and needs a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI, he or she can visit the law firm’s website. Once there, browse to where website users are directed to “Click here.”
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