A Car Accident Lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI Negotiates With Insurers in This No-Fault State

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Lawyers

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A Car Accident Lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI knows that people who have been in a car accident should see a doctor as soon as possible if there is any chance they have been injured. Even if these individuals do not feel pain or other symptoms, they still may have suffered a concussion, a bone fracture, or an internal injury. Delaying going to the emergency room can worsen the injury and make the automotive insurer skeptical about whether the problem actually resulted from the vehicle collision.

No-Fault Insurance

Michigan is a no-fault automotive insurance state, so the policyholder’s own insurer is supposed to pay related costs regardless of who caused the accident. Even when another driver runs a red light, turns onto a highway in front of traffic, or makes another serious judgment call, each driver’s own insurance is responsible for compensation.

Insurance Company Concerns

Insurance companies naturally are trying to keep their costs low and avoid accepting fraudulent claims. The amount of compensation they offer usually starts with a low amount, with adjusters being willing to modify that number through negotiations. Negotiating is best done by a Car Accident Lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI since legal professionals understand the most effective strategies.

Actions to Avoid

Attorneys with a firm such as Bleakley Law Offices P C also know the actions that policyholders should and should not take when they are working on a claim approval. For instance, an adjuster may ask the policyholder to make a recorded statement. Often, men and women do this to be cooperative. However, a recorded statement is not required for claim evaluation or approval. The policyholder may inadvertently make a remark that undermines their case.

The Importance of Being Patient

The insurance adjuster also has a strong interest in wrapping up the case quickly. Adjusters know that, if they can accomplish this, the company will be able to pay a lower amount than it would otherwise. Injured persons often are anxious about the loss of income while they are recovering and about depleting their savings. This makes them vulnerable to persuasive tactics regarding accepting a settlement offer.