5 Reasons You Should Look for a Probate Lawyer Now

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Lawyer

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Your choice of a probate lawyer in Redlands CA can make or break your case. Read to find out more about whether you need to hire one or not.

Representation and guidance

A probate attorney represents you through the probate process, from beginning to end. That means guiding you through the steps and helping you navigate probate laws in the state where your decedent lived. A good one will have no problem providing you with an explanation so you’ll get a solid understanding of the process and what you will be up against with.

Help and advice

In some situations, the beneficiary may not know the personal representative very well and may decide to elect a probate lawyer in Redlands CA. The probate attorney will provide much-needed advice to the beneficiary on how to proceed.

Location of assets

When you hire legal counsel, you get someone who will locate and secure the probate and non-probate assets of the decedent, The Balance says. That means less work for you. By locating all the assets, a complete and accurate evaluation of how much of those assets you are entitled to can begin.

Filing of documents

When you deal with probate, you can expect a mountain of paperwork. That’s something your lawyer can help you with, though. By preparing and filing all the documents that the probate court requires, you won’t need to worry about mistakes or incomplete forms that may get sent back and delay the proceedings. Also, your lawyer is going to be on top of the dates so that means less chances of you sending those requirements much too late.

Compute taxes

It is also their job to determine and pay any taxes owed on the property. The money or assets that remain will go to you if you are the beneficiary. For more information about these services click here. You can also visit them on Facebook.